David Grubb

David is a Scottish Violinist and alumni of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He works as a freelance musician in a variety of genres and has performed with The Tripp Ensemble, Borders Trio, British Sinfonietta, WMTO (co-leader), All That Malarkey, Sinfonia Newydd, and the Latitude Symphony Orchestra. He has performed alongside Ceri Ellis, Joe McElderry, Lorna Luft, Nathan James, Jai McDowell, and has featured in the sound- track for a BBC commissioned Doctor Who screening. David will also feature as a soloist in the zombie horror comedy 'Granny of the Dead' directed by Tudley James.

Although he graduated with a classical music degree, David’s natural enthusiasm for folk and traditional music has led him to pursue a number of ambitious projects. ‘Fiddle Tune a Day’ featured a new tune every day for a year through Youtube and Social Media. The project accumulated 80,000 views worldwide and was recognised by local papers, roots magazine Rock and Reel, popular websites The Strad and Musicroom, and by main- stream folk musicians Mike Vass and Kris Drever. A version of the project continues today and has reached over 230,000 views and over 1,200 subscribers.

Most recently David has been performing with independent show ‘Hiraeth’, which em- ploys his folk expertise and even sees him acting. The show has toured Wales to great success and has been nominated for 'Best Production' at the Wales Theatre Awards. In spring 2015 ‘Hiraeth' toured across the UK from the South of England to the North of Scotland including dates in London’s Soho theatre, and most recently toured across New Zealand throughout autumn 2015.

David’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘High Rise’ was released November 17th 2014, and is making waves in the folk community. The album features an eclectic mix of Jazz and Blues underpinned by David's Scottish traditional roots. Accompanied by a variety of instruments, David guides the listener through city streets with a selection of original music incorporating in- triguing melodies and improvisation. Reviews for the album have been overwhelmingly positive; reputable magazine FROOTS said "A highly accomplished work that is every bit as engaging and enjoyable as the acknowledged masters”.


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